How to handle debt when someone dies. Are you responsible?

How to handle debt when someone dies

How do you manage debt if a parent or spouse dies?  Are you liable for their debt? There is no one size fits all answer for this question as it can vary based on the type of debt, state you live in, financial assets of the deceased and whether or not you are a joint … Continued

what should you do if you inherit a house you can't afford - Long Island

What to do when you inherit a house you can’t afford

Solutions for an inherited home that you can’t afford to keep When you inherit a house, it’s a big responsibility.  For some, the house is a helpful asset – either as a place to live or rent out…or to sell so that you can acquire cash assets to settle an estate.  But, sometimes, the house … Continued

7 things that may surprise you when you an inherit a house on Long Island

7 Things that may surprise you when you inherit a house

7 facts that you probably didn’t know about inheriting a house It’s never fun when a parent, relative or loved one dies.  When you inherit a house as part of the estate, there’s now a whole new level or responsibility (and at times stress).  Most people (thankfully) don’t go through this very often. Because this … Continued

Checklist and next steps after a parent's death | Long Island

Next Steps After A Parent’s Death

Checklist to help you manage the process after a parent dies A parent’s death is always a sad and difficult time.  It doesn’t matter if it was expected or unexpected – either way, it’s emotional.  It doesn’t matter how old you are; it’s never easy.  It’s a big loss and it stirs up a lot … Continued

Home Maintenance Checklist for vacant or remote homes

Home Maintenance Checklist for Vacant and Remote Homes

Managing a vacant or remote house – Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual Maintenance Checklist There may be many reasons why a home is vacant  — a deceased relative; you’ve moved an elderly parent into assisted living; or a renter has left, you may have relocated; or maybe you’re a snowbird with a home in warmer climate … Continued