The Top 17+ secret hiding places for money…when clearing out your parent’s house

Secret hiding places where your parents may have hidden money…years ago

The Top 17+ secret hiding places for money...when clearing out your parent's house

Cleaning out your parents’ home is never a fun task.   You may be cleaning the home due an illness, or maybe you recently inherited a house, or it may be time to find a new place for one or more of your parents.  Regardless of the circumstances, it takes a long time and it can be an emotional process.


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secret hiding places for money in your parent's houseNow, one  little upside to the process is that you may find some extra money laying around the house in some secret hiding places.  This extra money can really come in handy as you could put the money towards cleaning expenses or a nice meal for all that are helping you with this stressful task, or even just to pay a few bills to help fix up the house.


I remember years ago when we cleaned up my grandmother’s house after she had passed away.  I believe there were 10 of us.  It was indeed a sad time, but at the same time, it was a bit cathartic as we found some old pictures from 50 years ago and old drawings that my brother and I did when we were in very young.  We also found some extra money.


At first, we felt a bit bad about finding the money, but then my aunt suggested that we gather all the money we found and have a dinner at my grandmother’s favorite restaurant – a nice local Chinese restaurant.  It would be in her honor.  As it turned out, all the extra money we found turned out to be the exact amount (to the penny) of what the meal came out to be after tax and tip.  We thought that was a nice coincidence and felt that she was watching over us.  It made us feel a bit better in our time of sadness.


So, I thought I would gather together the 13 most likely places that you may find some extra money stashed away in your parent’s house.  Sometimes, people forget that they even stashed money away or where they put this.  This happens much more often among older adults both because the practice of stashing money was more common among their generation (especially for anyone that lived through the Great Depression or had parents that did) and also because they just lived in their house longer.


Note: this article may be helpful to you, as you either may remember about some money you’ve hidden away, or give you creative ideas on where to hide a bit of extra savings for a rainy day.


Top 17+  secret hiding places to find money

1.   The toilet tank.  Yes, I’m serious.  Believe it or not, there is plenty of extra space in the water tank behind the toilet and plenty older people used to hide money, jewelry and other key documents such as passports or stock certificates in a water tight container there.  They figured it was pretty safe there and the last place someone would look for it.  Also, some people would tape things to the lid, so be sure to check there as well.


the costs for maintaining a long island home on the market2.  Clothes pockets.  Yes, you can often find money here, just from when people get change during the day or brought money with them and didn’t get a chance to use it.  So, don’t through away or donate clothes without checking those pockets.  You may be pleasantly surprised.  Oh, and don’t forget to check coat pockets, too.


3.  Extra wallets.  This one is a bit more obvious.  Very often we put money in a wallet, go on the town, and we’re just too tired when we get back and forget to transfer the money to our main wallet.


4.  Underwear and socks drawers.  I don’t where or when this tradition started, but it’s common to find envelopes of cash in the top or bottom drawer.  Don’t forget to check for envelopes that may be taped to the front, back or bottom of the drawers.


5.  Old Suitcases.  It’s funny because I do this every time I go away.  I put some extra money aside in my suitcase just in case something happens while I’m at the airport or something.  I’m even more careful about this if I’m flying out of the country as I want to have a back up plan with my passport and American Express checks.  Be sure to check the liners in these suitcases as many stash money in these areas.


6.  Shoe boxes.  I think this is more common among older generations.  I don’t keep many shoe boxes around.  The ones I do keep become play toys for my cat.  But if your parents have shoe boxes around, check them out


secret hiding places for money7.  Bureaus and drawers.  Check check the contents and the sides of the drawers.


8.  Back yard.  This is more common among seniors as I guess this was a generational thing.  For this one, if your parents are no longer around or don’t remember, you’ll need a metal detector.


9.  Under the floor boards.  This is much more common among seniors and in older homes.  If you find some loose boards, there may be a good reason for that as there may be something hidden underneath.  A metal detector may help with this, too.   Sometimes these are hidden by area rugs.


book shelves - places your parents may have hid money10.  Bookshelves.  Very often you can find money in the cover of your parent’s favorite book or scatter between and among books.  If they have an old record collection, you may find some in the covers between the sleeves.  Sometimes, you’ll find a hollowed out bible with a little stash.  Shake out each book on it’s side as you may find some bills in between the pages.


places you may find money in your parent's house11.  Pantry.  Sometimes you’ll find some extra money in the pantry, especially in sugar or flour bowls (at the bottom).


12.  Birthday cards/church envelopes. Some people put together sets of cards for the year and put in money to those cards at the beginning of the year.  But, then, sometimes they forget to follow through and actually send them out.


13.  Attic.  If there’s an attic, definitely check that out.  Sometimes, you’ll even find an envelope taped to the attic door.


money hidden in the mattress14.  Between the mattresses.  Yes, people still do this!


15.  In the freezer.  I know it sounds odd, but yes, but many seniors still hide money in the freezer.  Maybe that’s where the term cold hard cash comes from.  Just kidding.


16.  Behind paintings.  Check the framed works of art. You may find a taped envelope to the back of one or more of them.


17.  In a fake plant.  Yes, check underneath the foam as some people hide money there.


18.  Inside the curtain rods.  Yes, you may get lucky and find a wad of rolled up cash.  You never know.


So there are my top 15 secret hiding places for extra cash.  I’m sure there are many more that you can add to the list, but hopefully this is a good start for you.


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The Top 17+ secret hiding places for money…when clearing out your parent’s house


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